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Things have gotten worse, not better, for my mom & me since the Republicans took over the White House in 2000. I mean, the kibble isn't coming on a silver platter lately, if you hear what I'm saying! I'm trying to think of ways to help the people in my house get Kerry elected this November. I'm proud to be a Clinton-era baby, and a Democat, and I want to meet other Democats, and dogs, and fish, and donkeys! who believe in social welfare, job growth, animal rights, inclusion of all breeds, and affordable healthcare for everyone. Kerry in 2004!!! title or description Hey cats & dogs! We are so excited to see such a huge surge in membership! What are we doing in our hometowns to get Kerry & Edwards in the White House in 2004? As for me, I am putting up with my mom being away for four hours on most Sundays so that she can phone bank at the Kerry headquarters, and I also go it alone on Monday and Tuesday nights so she can work with her university's Young Democrats club. It's a tough sacrifice, but I know that when she comes home after working for John Kerry, she's much happier & it's worth it! If you guys want information to pass on to your people about working with the Kerry/Edwards campaign, then this is the place to be! Send me an email, or post a message on the board. We are turning Virginia blue here, and if we can accomplish that, then there is no way that Kerry/Edwards will lose this year! We can give you any information you need about volunteering in your city or town too! 10/14/04 ____ Look at our membership soar! Great work kids! Remember, help your people out by telling them they can help John Kerry get elected! They can make phone calls, or canvass their neighborhood! It's as easy as calling their local Democratic HQ!!! Help is on the Way!!!

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plans for inauguration?
Posted by Jacob
1 Jan 11, 05 05:59AM
Posted by Vegas
0 Dec 16, 04 07:35AM
We are so sad today...
Posted by
1 Nov 03, 04 10:00AM
Posted by KiKi
2 Oct 26, 04 07:20PM
Posted by
1 Oct 20, 04 12:47PM
Last Debate!
Posted by Richie
0 Oct 13, 04 10:40PM
Kittens for Kerry! fun links for pets!
Posted by Seth
2 Oct 10, 04 08:54PM
Posted by Seth
0 Oct 01, 04 12:19AM
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